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A Clymer Pennsylvania Woman has been cleared of Felony Child Pornography charges. A judge in Indiana County, Pa. set aside the jury's conviction of Meri Jane Woods after hearing the testimony of computer expert Ron Levi  of Forensic Cyber Investigations during a P.C.R.A. hearing. Meri Woods was incarcerated  at the time of the hearing and was released from jail after testimony.
Meri's case gained world attention after the prosecution built their case accusing Meri of downloading child pornography images in attempt to set up her husband during their divorce proceedings.  A cable television series Who The Bleep Did I Marry broadcast an episode telling  the story.of Wood's purported attempt to frame her husband with the download allegation. 
Meri is now free of all charges and has been taken off the sexual predator registry list.  Meri didn't win her case on a technicality.  Meri's conviction was overturned because Ron Levi's testimony proved,  beyond a reasonable doubt,  that although child pornography images were found on her computer, she was not responsible for the downloading of those images. 

Computer Forensics convicted her but under the skillful trained eye of a Certified Computer Examiner, Computer Forensics exonerated her of all charges.