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Digital Forensic Examinations can return a wealth of valuable information and evidence.  If  you're involved in a divorce, suspect your spouse of cheating or have been wrongfully arrested, a, examination of a used computer, cell phone, iPad, iPod or portable GPS may contain the evidence in finding the truth. 

  • Hidden bank accounts
  • Credit card usage and charges
  • Emails to girl friend/boyfriend
  • Face Book chat sessions
  • Google Search words
  • Web browser history possibly in excess of 1 yr ago
  • Pictures
  • Documents
  • Contacts/Address book
  • SMS
  • Ingoing/Outgoing Call logs
  • MMS (including attachments)
  • Email (excluding attachments)
  • Installed applications
  • Pictures
  • Face book friends
  • Movies
  • Other Deleted data and much more