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It's happened again. A teacher is accused of having sex with a student and, like many times before, cell phone calls and texting reportedly had a role in sexually abusing a minor.

If you suspect your child may be involved in an inappropriate relationship or perhaps being contacted by an older adult not of your approval, you can now do something about it before your child becomes a victim.


We can forensically examine your child's cell phone, computer, iPad, iPod or any other digital storage media device and provide you with the proof you need. All our examinations are law enforcement compliant and acceptable by the courts.  Our reports  can be used for prosecution purposes and we are available to provide expert testimony.  


We can recover text messages, pictures, phone logs, emails and much more.  In most cases, we can recover the data even after it was deleted.


Using our forensic technology, you can stop a predator in their tracks before your child becomes a victim.


Don't wait until it's too late. 

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We have been featured on Pittsburgh news station WTAE for preventing a child from becoming a victim. Watch our video.