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Divorce /  Cheating / Child Custody




If you're involved in a divorce and there are children and/or assets involved, let us help you protect your rights. 



Do you suspect that your partner may be hiding assets such as property or bank accounts?  Do you suspect that your partner may be addicted to child pornography?


Let us help you find the answers. 


We are a licensed Private Investigation Digital Forensic company. Using our state of the art forensic hardware and software, we can give you the evidence you desperately need. 


Please take a few minutes and watch the below video.  You may be surprised that the evidence you are looking for is sitting right in your own home.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call 702-359-2500.  Phone answers 24/7.  Or you may click here and fill out a confidential contact form.  Someone will respond within 24 hours.

If you suspect your spouse of cheating, involved in a child custody battle or need to find documentation of hidden assets, your answer may be contained in a digital device.

  • Discarded Cell Phones


         If your spouse has left a discarded cell phone lying around, it may contain a wealth of information. Deleted texts, pictures, contacts can be recovered providing you with the answers you deserve.


  • Hard Drives


         Old Hard drives that have been removed from prior computers could provide insight to your spouse's on line behavior.  Disclose visited  pornography sites,  dowloading of child pornography, saved pornographic pictures, search terms used, and much more can create the real picture of the user. 


  • USB drives Flash Drives


         If your spouse used USB flash drives, there's is a good chance we can recover the data, even if it were deleted.


  • If your spouse used a dash mounted GPS unit and has left it behind, we can recover an entire history of places visited, routes traveled, amount of time stopped at a specific location and much more.