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If you're in a legal battle to gain or maintain custody of your children and need to expose the truth about your ex-partner, we can help.



In today's technology world, digital devices record a person's past and present activities.  There is now a sword  you can stick deep into the heart of your opponent to expose the truth and win your case. That sword is forensic technology.


In my experience, most child custody disputes are centered around the illicit background and activities of your ex-partner.  Your children are precious and you need the evidence to present in court to prove your case.



We will briefly discuss some of the ways we were successful in obtaining evidence for clients to help win their case. All our examinations are law enforcement compliant and court accepted.



What type of evidence are we talking about?  

  • Is he/she involved in drugs
  • Is he/she involved with excessive pornography
  • Is he/she involved with child pornography
  • Is he/she involved in a crime
  • Is he/she planning to hurt you
  • Is he/she planning on running off with your kids in violation of a court order


The list is endless.  But you can be assured that if your spouse used a cell phone, computer, iPad or other tablet, there may be evidence contained in these devices that can be used against him/her in court.  This could result in a favorable outcome for you.


IMPORTANT!  In many of our cases, clients have provided us with discarded cell phones, computer hard drives, Flash USB drives, CDs, DVDs, iPods etc that the spouse left behind.


What information can be retrieved from these devices?


  • SMS text
  • MMS (video audio)
  • Pictures
  • Call Logs
  • GPS Co ordinates
  • eMail
  • Videos
  • Web Browsing History
  • Social Network Chats (Face Book)
  • Much More.........


In many instances, this data can be retrieved even if it was deleted.


Please take time to watch this 4 minute video by clicking here on how a forensic digital examination can help you obtain the evidence you deserve.


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