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5 years ago, a private investigator had to put "boots on the ground" and spend countless hours conducting surveillance to catch a cheating wife or cheating husband.  The end result was not always successful.  Photographs were poor or the cheating spouse was lost during surveillance.  It was an expensive gamble.  


Using today's technology and a little ingenuity, you can now get the evidence you deserve at 1/10th the cost. 


In today's technology focused digital world, all relationships result from a form of communication.  If this communication is digital in nature ie cell phone, computer, iPod, iPad, tablet etc, this gives you the advantage of uncovering the deception and exposing the truth.


    We are a licensed digital forensic company and we can help you retrieve texts, contacts, phone logs, chat logs or any other form of digital communication.  In most cases, we can recover the evidence you are seeking even after it was deleted.


Our turn around time for cell phone examinations are usually within 48 hours and the cost is very reasonable.   


Please take the time to review our FAQ listed below. It will cover most topics in detail.  Of course if you have further questions, you may call me at 702-359-2500.



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Q.  When I get a chance, I grab my spouse's phone and go through all the text and call logs but never see anything.  Obviously they are being deleted.  Can you help?


  • A.   YES,  With few exceptions, deleting data only hides the data from the user.   We have the latest technology to retrieve data from phones, computers and tablets. 
Q.  My spouse has their phone passcode locked.  Can you break the passcode?
  • A.  Depends.  You will need to call us with the make and model of phone to determine if we can work around the passcode. 


Q. My spouse has several old cell phones laying around the house that aren't activated.  Can you still recover information from them?
  • A.  ABSOLUTELY! In fact, this is where most of the evidence for our clients are located.  Discarded and forgotten about cell phones may contain all the answers you're looking for. 


Q.  My spouse agreed to have their cell phone examined to prove their innocence (ha!) They don't want to lose the cell phone for a long period of time.  What is your turn around time for examination?


  •  A.  If you're in the Las Vegas area, most phones can be processed in one day.   If you're outside the area, you can overnight the phone via USPS or Fed Ex and have it returned within 48 hours.


 Q.  How will the results of the examination be provided?

  • A.  You will receive a menu driven report in pdf format.   The menu will list all the items recovered such as text, emails, web browsing history etc.  Simply clicking on the menu item will take you to the appropriate location.   You will be able to read in plain English the exact text,  chats, emails etc.  In most cases, you will see the dates and times of the communication and information to the person's identity such as their phone number, email address etc.


Q.  How will I receive the report and how long will it take to get?


  • A.  Generally, most reports can be emailed directly to you within 48 hours of the completion of the extraction.   If you prefer, we can burn the report on a  USB flash drive or CD and snail mail it.  The only exception to emailing are the amount of images that may be extracted.  We've extracted data from phones that contained 50,000 images or pictures.  Of course, this would make it too large to email and we would have to burn it to a CD or USB.  In some cases, if you are computer literate, we can use an independent service such as Drop Box.

Q.  My spouse uses a dash mounted Garmin or Tom Tom GPS in the car.  Is there any information that can be retrieved from the GPS that may help me?


  • A.  You have hit the Holy Grail  of tracking information.  Depending on the GPS, we can recover travel logs, routes traveled, length of stay per stopped location, addresses, contact information and a wealth of other previously traveled information - even if it was deleted.



Q.  Can your report be used in a legal proceeding?


  • A.  ABSOLUTELY.  We are certified Computer Forensic Computer and Cell Phone Examiners and all our software and hardware are court approved.  Our examination procedures are within law enforcement compliance.  We are also available for you to testify as as experts in any court proceeding.    
Q  I have a computer I would like examined.  How do I get it to you?
  • If you are from the Las Vegas area, we can meet you and simply retrieve the device.  If you're outside Las Vegas, we recommend taking your computer to a local computer store or a Best Buy and have them remove the hard drive.  Simply ship the hard drive.  We can usually image the hard drive and have it back to you within 48 hours.


Q  All this sounds pretty simple, where do I send my phone or computer?


  • Simply sending the phone or computer won't do you much good.  Besides being Digital Forensic Examiners, we are also investigators. We need to interview you to discuss if the examination is going to benefit you and what you may expect from the results.  The more details we have regarding your case, the more thorough the examination.    Once we determine we can help, you will be provided a shipping address.


Q  The number ONE big question:  What does this cost?


  •  A.  DEPENDS!    Not to circumvent the question,  but we attempt to charge a flat rate of $500.00 or less on most phone examinations.  Each case and digital device is a little different.  Because of the large variances of computer hard drive sizes, each case will have to be independently discussed. 
Q. I'm ready to know the truth, what do I do now?
  • EASY!!!  Call 702-359-2500 and personally ask for me, RON.   Phone answers 24/7  We can discuss your case and concerns in detail.  Or you can fill out our email and I'll respond within 24 hours.